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What To Do On Your Forced Day Off


Photo: Reeve Jolliffe (Flickr).

Do you remember the NYC blackout of 2003? The subways were crippled and people set off on hours-long walks to get home over bridges and on any buses they could get a grip of. Yeah, well I was there for it. Right in the shit. And if that weren’t enough, I was just as crippled as those subway lines; my feet bandaged from recent toe surgery. It wasn’t for the weak-minded. And can you believe I stuck around and did it all over again when Hurricane Sandy descended on the city and blew out the power grid in lower Manhattan like so many birthday candles?

But never mind the darkness in the streets. It’s the blackness that creeps over your mind when the 4C centrifuge you’re spinning that precious DNA in seizes up like your AK 47 in the middle of an offensive charge that will induce real panic. So what really happens when the lights go out in the midst of mind-blowing scientific discovery, forcing you to abandon your work? Find out here in my article published at Scizzle Blog.

Come use your head: Brain Awareness Week NYC

big_brainy_pngThe people in charge are exercising their brains this year all around New York City. In an effort I feel is very much worth while, universities, museums and cultural groups (read: the arts) are taking a moment to involve the general public in a fun-filled educational program.  BraiNY will build upon a worldwide Brain Awarness Week initiative to bring the complexities of the human brain to the forefront in a series of programs that can be digested by children and adults with and without a scientific background.

Universities, museums, and cultural groups are joining efforts to showcase the wonders and mysteries of the brain to people of all ages. The events of braiNY build on Brain Awareness Week, an annual campaign of the Dana Foundation, which includes events in over 25 countries.

This year, for the first time, the coordinated efforts of the braiNY partners will connect New Yorkers to over a dozen events, lectures, exhibits, and demonstrations showcasing the wonder of the brain and the richness of New York’s scientific and cultural resources.

Check out braiNY for a calendar of events and come out to express your support and curiosity. You might just leave with a little more crammed inbetween your ears.