A Little About Me

brent soloBrent Wells here. I’m a developmental geneticist with a flare for the absurd and a passion for something outside of conventional research. In other words, science fascinates me, but the never ending and sluggishly incremental science at the other end of a microscope lens is becoming a little tedious for my blood. Science Under the Scope was conceived of (and is being paraded) as a landing site for science related news and views.  With any luck, this blog will fire some people up. I don’t mind a little pushback or trouble as I chase down the interesting, the annoying, the sexy and the savory. Science is increasingly finding its way into all aspects of life, whether it’s food, electronics, health care or governmental policy. Most of this scientific intrusion is welcomed as it increases quality of life or provides us with great new gadgets. However, some science is, without a doubt, bad science (read: poorly designed, executed or analyzed), which only manages to spread fear and misconception. I believe the general public has a genuine interest in stories on science beyond the occasional front page discovery but those stories need to be accurate and accountable. A standard of responsible reporting is something that would benefit this world greatly. Science and its relevance to pressing issues today should be given more attention across the board, but it should also be treated for what it is, whether that’s fun, fantastic, noteworthy or bulls***. With any luck, this small blog will deliver some interesting stories, sift through some sensationalist crap, dish out some food for thought and challenge any number of dated and mis-informed ideas.

And hey, if there is a scientific concept you would like explained or if you have a juicy tip on a story, please let me know and I will do my best to address your interest. scienceunderthescope@gmail.com. twitter: @sciscope. Facebook: Scienceunderthescope


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