LIsten Up, Science Teachers

This guy nailed it. The United States’ educational curriculum is so off base it’s embarrassing. I’ve been saying for years that teaching science needs to be about the concepts. Current, antiquated practices are borne out of laziness and serve as primer for standardized tests, neither of which will benefit children in practicality, later in life. With access to Google at literally every turn in one’s life, who the hell needs to know each reactionary product of photosynthesis? Probably best you know why photosynthesis is important to start with. The presenter is also dead on with his emphasis in narratives and analogies in teaching…as he is with his commemorative Hogwarts cardigan: one mourning band for Dumbeldore, one for Voldemort – science would have wanted it that way.

But seriously, he makes some great points. Watch the TED talk.

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